This is a short article that explains the differences between Cardano and Ethereum.


This is a technology overview, and not a financial one. Therefore it is not a financial advice. Use the information as you would any other information, with caution and double checking. Do your own research. …

General FAQ

  • Can I loose my ADA delegating to a staking pool?
    No. Staking is 100% safe. You are using your right to delegate to a pool which is a separate action from transferring ADA.
  • How do I delegate to multiple stake pools?
    This is currently not possible. You can only delegate to…

This is a short high level overview to show you what is our software and hardware infrastructure @ ADA Point Pool.

Overall goal of our pool is that people have a quality and low fee pool to delegate to which provides max return on investment (ROI) every EPOCH.

The strategy


We run a Cardano staking pool - Ada Point Pool.

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