How to delegate, stake your ADA on Cardano Shelley with Ledger Nano S/X with Yoroi wallet?

Ledger live (Nano S)

  1. Open Ledger Live
  2. Click Plug your ledger and input your password.
  3. Click manager and confirm it on the Ledger.
  4. Upgrade your Firmware to version 1.6.1 or higher.
  5. Re-install Cardano ADA app, install version 2.0.4 or higher. (If not auto-installed)
Manager screen
Firmware update popup
After update showing version 1.6.1 or higher

Installing Yoroi wallet

Note: If you are having problems please try to use Chrome or Firefox browser.

  1. Go to Be cautious to open the correct link and make sure you are on the real Yoroi wallet page.
  2. Click “Download”. Click your browser. We will use Chrome in our example.
Yoroi download page
Yoroi wallet on Chrome web store
Chrome extension confirm dialog
Open Yoroi wallet

Yoroi wallet — Initialization

  1. Click Yoroi extension. Startup page should show.
  2. Select language. Click “Continue”
Language selection
Terms screen
UI Complexity

Yoroi — wallet creation

Note: This tutorial is focused on hardware wallet interaction (Ledger). You can create or restore wallet from passphrase (words) here. Remember “not your words not your money”!

  1. Click “Connect to hardware wallet”. Make sure you have your Ledger Nano connected, unlocked and you are in the Ledger Nano Cardano APP (version 2.0.4 or higher).
  • If you have a previous balance on your Ledger you will also need to repeat this step with “Byron-era (read-only) wallet”. More in the next chapter.
Example naming

Moving funds from your old Cardano Ledger wallet

If you are a new hardware wallet user and didn’t previously hold funds on the wallet (before Shelley) you can skip this section.

  1. You will have to add one more wallet. Click “arrow” in the top right corner. Click “Add new wallet”.
  2. Go through the same process as in previous section Yoroi — wallet creation. Do everything the same except select “Byron-era (read-only) wallet” on step 4.
“Add new wallet” and switching between wallets
Byron wallet
You should see the balance in your Shelley wallet

Yoroi — delegating to a staking pool

Few things to note first:

  1. You have to manually input the ID of the staking pool. See or for all the pools.
Delegation by ID
  1. Select a pool from a list. The list is the same as on You can use word search in the top. Example: Ada Point Pool search. Click “DELEGATE” next to the pool.
Delegation list
  1. Popup should appear. Click “DELEGATE”.
Confirm delegation
Confirm transaction using Ledger
Follow this instructions on your ledger device.
Delegation dashboard
Delegation transaction.


  • When will I get my first rewards?
    It takes remainder of the current epoch + 3 epochs till you get your first rewards. So after this initial delay you will get the rewards every epoch. In short after initial delay of 15–20 days (1 epoch is 5 days).
  • Do I need to keep my Yoroi wallet open if I am staking?
    No. You can close the wallet/shut down your computer and you are still staking and getting rewards.
  • What happens if my computer breaks or I delete the Yoroi extension?
    Your funds are safe. When you need to access your funds just follow the tutorial from the beginning. Install Yoroi wallet and add Shelley wallet. Staking awards are not affected by this events. If you staked before you will get the rewards.
  • Is my ADA safe on a hardware wallet?
    Check your hardware wallet manufacturer best practices. In general you have to have safe backup for the passphrase/words with which you did your hardware wallet was initialized.
  • Which exchanges and third parties support Shelley?
    You can check the full list here.


This article comes as it is with no guarantees. Use at your own good judgement.

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