Dec 17, 2019

6 min read

How to delagate, stake your ADA on ITN testnet?


Shelley mainnet is LIVE. Therefore SEE THE MAINNET GUIDE instead of this one.

Restoring the Daedalus, Yoroi, Paper wallet (byron) wallet

  1. First you will get a “Restore a wallet” dialog. Here you can restore legacy Daedalus Wallet or legacy paper wallet created with Daedalus. For Yoroi you can wait a bit and delegate through Yoroi wallet or if you are in a hurry restore it here.
Create or Restore screen
Restore Dedalus wallet screen
Restore paper wallet screen

Delegation your ADA with Daedalus wallet

  1. After creating the wallet click middle icon in the left menu to go to “Delegation center”.
Delegation center screen
Stake pools screen
Delegate wallet step 1 screen
Delegate wallet step 2 screen
Delegate wallet step 3 screen
Wallet delegated screen
Rewards screen