Cardano Daedalus ITN testnet: how to fix syncing issues


At the top “Daedalus Incentivized Testnet v1 — Rewards (2.0.1-ITN1#”

Switch client solution #1

Syncing issues Daedalus solution #1

  1. First close Daedalus!
  • Right click the Daedalus — Rewards v1 shortcut and click Open file location
Right click -> “Open file location”
  • Search on the drive you installed the Daedalus wallet. Click the one with the folder icon.
Search drive
Daedalus folder with “jormungandr-config“ file
Edit with notepad
Scroll down.
Click into the input, copy everything
Paste into the “yaml input” field, copy from “json output” field
Compare your file with this reference image.
Should write Valid JSON if everything is OK

Syncing issues Daedalus solution #2

jcli, jormungandr files
Backup rename jcli, jormungandr
Download “” for Windows OS
Extract jcli and jormungandr to “Daedalus — Rewards V1" folder



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We run a Cardano staking pool - Ada Point Pool.

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We run a Cardano staking pool - Ada Point Pool.

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